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How much does membership cost?

Membership runs from 1st July annually and costs £5.50 per year.

Who should join?

Anyone who is passionate about surfing, can swim 50m in open water and is 18 or over. The membership spans a wide range of ages and abilities from complete newcomers to experienced surfers.

Why should I Join? / What do I get?

There are loads of good reasons to join BSC. Here are just a few:

How do I join?

It’s simple. You can join through the page on our website:

  1. Firstly you need to complete our membership registration form then,
  2. Pay your membership fee via the My Membership section. 
  3. Go to the Facebook group and request access.
  4. Once our Membership Sec has processed your application he/she will grant you access to the Facebook group.

Public Liability Insurance Cover

Bristol Surf Club’s insurance offers club members Public Liability protection of up to £5,000,000 for bodily injury to third parties and damage to property or premises resulting from accidents that occur during official BSC events (organised by/supported by the managing committee). These include surfing trips (cover for when you’re surfing and for any damage to premises hired by BSC e.g. campsite/hostel); the annual BBQ; sponsored swim and Christmas party etc. Members are NOT covered whilst on self-organised trips. If you would like to be covered for surfing whilst not on an official BSC trip you should obtain your own personal insurance policy.

If you're looking into getting personal insurance cover, one option would be to become a member of Surfing England. You'd receive worldwide liability insurance covering you whilst you are surfing up to £5,000,000 among other benefits such as access to a range of discounts from partner stores and organisations. The annual cost of Surfing England membership cost is £20, and if you select Bristol Surf Club from the drop down menu when signing up online £5 of this will go towards the charity of BSC’s choice. For more info on Surfing England personal membership visit their website.